Sunday, September 23, 2012

Simple Diablo 3 Rare Item Value Guide

          I have finally finished weeks of research, designing and redesigning the Diablo 3 Item Value Guide available on The guide is meant to help casual Diablo 3 players understand the value of the rare items they loot while item hunting. Most players don't understand what the most preferred stats are for classes they don't play, and even fewer know the possible value ranges those stats can roll. This guide delivers everything Diablo 3 players need to know in a simple visual layout.

          The most difficult part of designing this D3 auction house value guide was making it easy to understand for even young players. My nephew was a victim of an auction house sniper. I say victim because he sold a rare item far below its value on the Diablo III auction house. The sniper bought this item for 25,000g and probably resold it for over 80 million gold. His ignorance cost him a lot of great upgrades, and I was motivated to help him learn.

          The problem with appraising a rare D3 item is that there are so many variables to consider that it becomes overwhelming for casual players to even try to understand. That's why this guide had to be simple, fast and compact while at the same time being comprehensive and accurate. The result is at The guide takes into account the quality of a possible stat, the synergy that stat has with other stats and the 5 player classes, and the proximity to maximum value each stat can roll.

          I invite and encourage anyone interested to try it out and offer your feedback. The more players from the Diablo 3 community offering their advice, the better and more accurate the Diablo III Rare Item Value Guide will be for everyone! Thank you to everyone who has already shared their Diablo 3 game knowledge so far.

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